Arth – Down to Earth!

arth interiors.jpg

The latest of Pune’s contemporary Indian restaurants, ladies and gentlemen is Arth, designed beautifully by none other than the gorgeous and ultra-talented Gauri Khan!
Arth opened to public a few months ago and I was among the lucky few to have enjoyed dining in there as soon as it opened. What made me pen down the review this late, you ask? Well, life happened!


The decor brings together some truly aesthetic elements and that has helped Arth garner rave reviews in a very short span of time. A glittering take on upscale dining, with striking plush walls, dramatically high ceilings and of course the pillars carved out of books have my heart. The ambience whispers subtlety and class!

The food menu at Arth prides itself with a selection of Indian cuisines and hey, the art of slow cooking has been re-invented at Arth. (Oh, how I missed my grandma) The Angeethis and Sigrees are truly a sight to behold. Honestly Arth has so many things to offer other than food, read, the experience!

Chef Amninder Sandhu has my utmost respect for reviving the earthy flavors of tradition in the form of Arth! Here’s my experience.

amuse bouchee.jpg

Served at Arth, the Amuse Bouchée or amuse-gueule offered a glimpse into chef Amninder Sandhu’s approach to the art of cuisine. These delicate looking pearls do spark curiosity when you see them arrive and as much as I’d love to share the contents with you, i wouldn’t, because i really want you all to experience Arth and what better than a marvelous culinary surprise right at the beginning of a lavish meal.

The most desired wild mushrooms in the world were on my table post my amazing and rather thrilling experience with the palate cleanser. The morels, ladies and gentlemen were flown down from Kashmir, if the info provided to me was apt. Served on a bed of nachni and walnut, the Stuffed Morels are a rarity! Delicious and admirable at the same time!

Next up were the Mutton Kakori Kebabs, made with the finest meat of the lamb and some secret spices on honestly didn’t quite impress me. Maybe a one off and hence I’d like to give them another chance with the legendary kakori.


Tried the Yogurt Clouds and that brilliant hint of chaat made me call for them again! Those cute looking potato baskets were nothing but beautifully balanced yogurt balls topped with mint and tamarind chutney! Oh, la la.

chicken makhmali.jpg

The Chicken Makhmali that came in quite later couldn’t really please me as the egg white which layered the kebab spoilt the entire experience, then again, I’d say that’s my perception toward the dish.

Time for some mains, i thought and we were served the Hay Smoked Jungli Murgi – a stellar non-vegetarian dish paired with jowar roti. Goodness! That brought back so many lost memories! Loved the mildly spiced gravy (that’s how i like it)

pearl potatoes.jpg
Picture Credits – Official FB page of Arth

The Pearl Potatoes paired with Dahi ki khameeri Roti were the actual show stealers! My first experience with these little beauties and honestly, I ain’t ever forgetting it. Simply loved this exquisite dish.

deo mali.jpg

Another favorite among the large dishes was Deomali – a mutton curry cooked in bamboo and served with jasmine rice, aesthetically beautiful, rustic and oh so delicious!

raan biryani.jpg

The Raan Biryani is what I had waited for all evening and when it was finally on the table, I couldn’t wait but indulge in the fragrant yet very subtle rice mixed with lamb shanks. Could’ve been better is what i felt.

Desserts to a meal are like a climax to a movie and Arth sure does live upto the expectations when it comes to their unique and orgasmic dessert section. They serve “Gosht ka Halwa” bro!


Also, the Kulfi cart which is sent to you where you can customize your Kulfi. My pick – The vaguely sweet, extremely gorgeous and indulgent Roasted almond Kulfi. (Aditi, read on!)

angoori malai.jpg

The Angoori Rabdi is basically a spin on the regular Ras malai, cottage cheese balls topped with sweet rabdi and is served inside a phyllo nest. Looked appetizing but wasn’t sensational.

kaale gajar ka halwa.jpg

Another unique offering at Arth is the Kaale Gajar ka Halwa made up of black carrots and loaded with dry fruits – Me Likey!

If you like desi food in a global ambience just like I do, Arth definitely is the place for you! Lots of love for Chef Amninder Sandhu and her team and of course to dear Svetlana Sawant of team Carpe Diem for putting up with me!

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarised from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

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