Think Kebabs? Think Shahnoorz!

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I apologize for leaving it so long between food reviews, here’s the reason behind it. I have been busy expanding my horizons recently. In fact I recently ate a chicken tikka kebab! Imagine that! Chicken in a kebab. What will they think of next? I am sure you know where this is heading. Don’t worry! I’ll take you there, step by step.

I thought I would resurrect my blog by visiting a buzzing roadside eatery which previously was a small take-away outlet. Shahnoorz, ladies and gentlemen, spearheaded by Mr Moiz Adtani, named after his mother, Shahnoor (meaning, “The Royal Glow”) located in Mundhwa Road, serves the juiciest, lightly spiced, and the most flavorful kebabs.

It’s all kebabs, kebabs, kebabs and then shawarmas, gravies, oh and some biryani too! Unsurprisingly I started off with the Murgh Achari Tikka and the Murgh Pahadi Tikka, both good looking but somehow failed to impress me, reason? Extra use of Salt! Why good looking? The Murgh Tikka wasn’t artificially red like a piece of chicken disguised as a post box but more natural, juicy and edible, but yeah, the salt took over. I am sure it will be taken care of.


Talk about Makrana kebabs and you think of drumsticks coated, marinated and flavored with secret spices, the makrana at Shahnoorz are truly a meat lovers delight, yeah a delight to me, a show stealer that night. Delicious, melt in mouth and highly recommended. The Golden Wings on the other hand do justice to the name. Tasted average, but a way better option than the tandoori mushrooms served at Shahnoorz, they do need to work on them.


The Irani Tanoori Chicken is what I would suggest to folks who share the same love for cream as I do. Very subtle flavors of cream and cheese and not hot at all, just how I like it. Priced perfectly at Rs. 440/- (8 pieces) a value for money deal there, people!


Guess I mentioned they serve Shawarmas too! Oh and some good variants to be honest. Though I tried only one and that is the Chicken Nizami Shawarma Roll, a little Indian twist on a classic roll is how I would describe it as and if I were to suggest some alterations; it would be to reduce the mayo quantity!

The Mains!

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Mutton Kapsa rice, (originally Kabsa Rice) Murg Mussallam, kadhai Paneer, Chicken Angara, yeah after all those kebabs, I tried a few of the mains and not to forget, the desserts too! What stood out among the mains was the Murg Mussallam which is Shahnoorz take on the original. An egg omelet enveloping the gravy and chunks of chicken, I pretty much enjoyed the fusion, if I may call it that. The mutton Kapsa rice deserves a special mention. An exotic Saudi Arabian rice dish, again served at Shahnoorz with a smart twist which works wonders on the palate. Basmati rice with citrus fruits, boneless mutton served with pineapple raita. I couldn’t ask for anything after this! They served Kadhai Paneer as well; creamy gravy is what I noticed. All this accompanied with an assorted bread basket which included Rotis, Laccha paranthas, garlic naans and of course the delicious Zaatar Naan which had hints of olive.

Desserts – I have special respect for restaurants that serve Phirni, the Malai Phirni which is served with all its authenticity intact. Shahnoorz is one such place that serves good malai phirni in a kulhad. (Didn’t i say with all it’s authenticity intact?) Loved it, devoured it, and called for it again. The Gajar ka halwa – Nothing extraordinary but hey it’s one of the most popular Indian dessert and you can’t shy away from it!

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

All Rights Reserved.

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