Fort Jadhavgadh – An Experience!

Fort Jadhavgadh


The destination that is highly rated and possibly an excellent choice to spend your days at, was once home to me for a day and I can’t wait but put down about the hospitality. It is a fort, heritage hotel, palace and a destination – all rolled into one! Located near Saswad which is about an hour’s ride from our town!

A Historic Location


It’s like taking a journey through 300 years of history, a place where once lived the great Chhatrapati Shahu, a place which has now been turned into a heritage property. A fantastic confluence of Maratha history and modern luxury – that’s what Hotel Fort Jadhavgadh is to me.

A Regal Welcome


In the first stop of my maiden trip to the fort, I received a regal welcome when the “Mavla” blew the trumpet in honor of all the guests entering the fort; well, that’s how they do it, for each and every one, every time! No matter what time you check in.

The Rooms

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Fort Jadhavgadh might be in the area too tough to die but you don’t have to rough it here, spread over 25 acres, Fort Jadhavgadh is made up of 58 rooms including 3 royal suites namely The Maharaja suite, The Maharani Suite and The Museum Suite, 39 different “Kholis” (rooms), 12 Royal tents which are called Chaavnis and are equipped with all modern amenities and a few cottages.

The Pool


Easily one of the main highlights of Fort Jadhavgadh is the temperature controlled swimming pool and the pool side spa. I just didn’t want to come out of it; honestly life was too cool by the Pool! Make sure you take a dip when you’re there.

The Museum


Fort Jadhavgadh is one of a kind resort in India that houses a museum, and a historic one at that. The Aai museum showcases a small collection of Mr Kamat’s (Owner of the Orchid group of hotels) artifacts. The complex houses a museum called Aai that displays a vast collection of antique household items from around the country, most of which are thought to be around 300 years old. Though only few of the exhibits have a connection to the fort, they nonetheless offer an interesting glimpse into medieval Indian kitchens. Not all the items on display bear dates and there is not much literature about their antecedents. Some of the interesting exhibits are the walking cane made of elephant hair, 50 kinds of foot scrubbers, a room full of paan and tobacco accessories such as betel leaf and chuna holders, and delicate smoking pipes for women. On further enquiry I was told that stable building has been restored and turned into a museum which looks very impressive.

The Restaurants 


Chhajja – All day dining restaurant that offers some delectable food. The menu is fairly limited, but they do serve some traditional Maharashtrain and North Indian dishes and of course basic high tea menu in the evening.


Payatha – Payatha, as the name suggests in marathi is located at the ‘foothill’- the great foot wall. It is the fine dining fresco restaurant serving traditional Maharashtrian cuisine. I did enjoy my dinner at Payatha where they laid a buffet which consisted of traditional maharashtrian food namely “Puran poli, Tambda rassa, Pithla bhakri, etc”


The Entertainment

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What’s a staycation without a little entertainment? Hotel Fort Jadhavgadh organized the martial arts show or “Yuddh Kala” as it’s called in the local language. The speed and agility of the performers made me a fan. A huge, huge fan! Don’t miss this for the world, that’s my advice. Post the amazing martial art performance; it was time for dinner and to be a spectator of Maharashtra’s famous “Laavni” dance, Boy the women kept us enthralled. A show to remember!

The Audio Tour


A highly recommended activity at Fort Jadhavgadh is the audio tour of the property. What’s an audio tour, you ask? Well I am here to tell you! You’re given headsets, information brochures, maps to the property and a cute little audio device which is manually operated and is like a commentator in three different languages, fair enough, isn’t it? There are 27 landmarks and attractions in fort jadhavgadh, all marked and numbered and that’s how the device helps you notify and update. The tour takes approximately an hour and a half and its worth all the time.

The Activities


I was fortunate enough to try out a lot of things during my stay at Fort Jadhavgadh, but Rifle shooting and archery were amongst my favorite.

The Wrap up


Fort Jadhavgadh is one of a kind resort; in fact it’s the first luxury heritage hotel in Maharashtra and I have to give it to the Kamat’s the restoration of the fort is simply fabulous and I had a great time along with my folks at this exuberant place. For more details, location and package deals, kindly visit

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary staycation. This review is a narrative of my experience at the property. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

All Rights Reserved.

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