Sizzler fiesta – Hyatt Pune.

What happens when you hit a writer’s block? You’re creatively constipated! Yes! That’s what happened with me a few days ago and just like any other mortal in today’s tech savvy world I googled, “How to overcome Writer’s block”

That’s when different articles came to my rescue; the solution was a mix of hilarious, downright outrageous, and upfront, to the point and of course inspiring suggestions. The list is as follows; also, what I felt about it!

  • Go for a walk – Well, Thank you!
  • Eliminate distractions – Like that is possible!
  • Do something to get your blood flowing – Umm, bungee jumping, Maybe?
  • Play – Like what? Clash of Clans?
  • Change your environment – And go where? Bangkok?
  • Read a book – Good one!
  • Free write – Been doing it for a while now, Also because nobody pays!
  • Listen to music (try classical or jazz to mix it up) – I miss Dhinchak Pooja!

All this and a lot more but I chose to eat instead, like always, and what better venue than Hyatt Pune to eat at! Actually one better, because Hyatt Pune is hosting a Sizzler festival at both their eclectic restaurants, Baan Tao and Eighty Eight are serving the unconventional sizzlers until the 31st of July 2017.


The sizzling tasting menu kicked off with a couple of vegetarian and non vegetarian starters, mind you, these too are sizzlers. Corn niblets with sijara chili to start with, a vegetarian delicacy as mentioned by the others, I had my chances, I took them and I can proudly add that I have now welcomed change and it’s only getting better with time. Tangy corn niblets are the perfect snack food in this showery atmosphere. Like I said, perfect indeed!


Next up was the Barbeque fish, (I was like, why Basa?) that’s when I was told that Hyatt is doing the Indian, Continental and Pan Asian Sizzler fiesta, which of course explained the Basa! I have always avoided Basa for personal reasons but a try is always worth, so I did, only to put this here, Basa is a type of catfish which can be cooked in myriad ways and Hyatt Pune chose to do a sizzler, to be honest, they did well.


Cajun Chicken – Pune’s affair with sizzlers dates back to the 1970’s, all thanks to the Parsi-owned eatery called the Place – Touche the Sizzler, Why am I mentioning it here? That’s because the Cajun chicken sizzler reminded me of a sizzler I once had at the ultimate sizzler joint a decade ago. Nostalgia stuck, love made its way! The flavors of crushed red peppers, paprika, dried oregano and thyme did wonders yet what totally made this a winner was the side, perfectly seasoned and golden fried potato wedges.


Oriental Veggie Delight – Indulge in a unique mix of aromas and flavors which are carefully selected to please your palate – That’s what the press invite mentioned, I am sure they crafted this sentence for the Oriental Veggie Delight. The assortment of various veggies with noodles, garlic cloves, crushed red chilies; soy sauce is what made me ask for more.


Fishy Vishy Prawns Sizzler – Again, if it wasn’t accompanied by a good portion of veggies and the wedges, it wouldn’t have been as good as it was. Which means the prawns could have been slightly softer and needed a tad bit of a seasoning.


They do have a caramelized button mushroom sizzler as well; I am sure the ones who do mushrooms will enjoy it.

Sizzling brownie, because what else? The most common dessert but done really well, loved it. Also the mud cakes were pretty decent with the desirable sticky mud cake consistency. Mark my words; you’ll be in for a treat at Hyatt Pune, especially during the Sizzler Fiesta which ends on 31st July 2017.


Picture Credits – Siddarth Gujar
The Bloggers table was hosted by Eighty Eight, Hyatt Pune.

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