Jovos – The futuristic gastro pub!

Pune’s restaurants have vied for the perky pub spotlight by bringing various mixes of drinks, music and cuisines together, but thankfully you can also still find plenty of tantalizing, eminently satisfying gastro pubs in the city. One such being Jovos (pronounced Yovos), and meaning the ‘Future’ in Hungarian.


Outlandish interiors which give you an archaic vibe, well trust me that’s the good part, it gives a feel that can’t be expressed in words. Such interiors make me wonder. Yes! I am crazy! A lounge on the mezzanine floor which lets you party, undisturbed and a queer hangout spot on the ground which helps you evolve.

What do Urban Cigars, Fish Satay, Cheat Meal Chaat and Vladimir Poutine have in common? They’re just a few of the new items that Jovos has introduced to it’s already kickass menu. I was recently invited to sample these snazzy new items and boy they did well.


The Gastro pub known for its menu of innovative Indo-American favorites and of course their karaoke nights and live gigs have introduced half-dozen new entrees to its menu which are now available throughout the day.

Joining the restaurants extensive menu of some delectable dishes are Raju ke jhinge (prawns), Malai Tikka Souvlaki and the others mentioned above.

New Menu

Urban Cigars – 4/5 {Vegetarian}


That’s comfort food for someone who’s love for cheese knows no bounds, actually that’s me! These are nothing but spring rolls stuffed with mozzarella cheese and some vegetable. I don’t know of the vegetable because all I care about is cheese and that’s what urban cigars are filled with – oodles of cheese! Served with a spicy mayo based dip on the side and was the perfect starter for the evening. Be right back, getting some Urban Cigars!

Cheat Meal Chaat – 4/5 {Vegetarian}


If ever there is a competition of the most enticing presentation of India’s most delicious snack food, The Chaat, Jovos would definitely bag a place in history! Air fried samosas topped with sweet and sour chutney, sprinkled with dried peanut powder and some hummus! Yes, a surprising middle eastern twist to the compulsively delectable Indian Chaat. Share some love folks!

Fish Satay – 4/5 {Non – Vegetarian}


Reminded me of the Balinese fish satay dished out by a good friend of mine a couple of years ago, it’s just that she used Salmon and the one I tried at Jovos was grilled Tilapia. Spice doesn’t sit well with me, but at times I do try something adventurous, and that is what I felt about fish satay I sampled at Jovos, a volcano of spice and a delicious one at that.

Raju ke Jhinge – 2/5 {Non – Vegetarian}


I am very finicky when it comes to seafood, especially prawns. I like my prawns done just right and unfortunately the spicy batter fried prawns served with honey mustard mayonnaise didn’t do much to please me. Fresh or frozen, shelled or deshelled, prawns are small, pink, juicy, moist and possibly the easiest things to cook and if you go wrong with that, you probably need to dive in the ocean of seafood cooking!

Malai Tikka Souvlaki – 3/5 {Non – Vegetarian}


Souvlaki – A popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat/chicken and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer, served with mini bread and tzatziki (Greek yoghurt) on the side, this Indianised dish at Jovos tried enjoying a renaissance but couldn’t complement its Greek counterpart.

Vladimir Poutine – 4/5 {Non – Vegetarian}


Named after the current Russian President Vladimir Putin is toothsome and definitely a must try at Jovos. Why you ask? Well here’s a wiki fact,
“Poutine is a Canadian dish of Quebecois origin, made with French fries and cheese curds topped with light brown gravy. This fast-food dish is typically found across Canada and in some places in the northern United States.” French fries and cheese curds presented on a base of brown chicken gravy, well they had me on this, and I’m sure I’ve had you too! Go ahead, indulge!



There’s this one dish on the regular menu of Jovos that I’d like to write about and strictly on the basis of presentation though, the potato & Corn Croquettes served with Palak Rice! What a beauty! Sadly it stands true only for the plating skills.

Oh and I almost forgot I tried a couple of drinks, non-alcoholic of course, which appealed to me. Well there’s not much to write about them but here are my recommendations.

  • Blue Lagoon – A very colorful and refreshing mocktail, basically a blue curacao lemonade but totally sets your mood right.
  • Watermelon Mojito – Mashed mint with pureed watermelon combined together to give you a classy sweet infusion.
  • Mixed Berry Mocktail – More of a berry smash but with the perfect balance, tangy and bubbly!


My review is based on a food tasting invite, the usual disclaimer applies.

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