Iftaar at The Orchid, Balewadi, Pune.

Iftaar or the breaking of the daily fast at dusk is not limited to just Muslims anymore, thanks to different restaurants and hotels with Iftaar food pop ups and specially curated menus in the holy month of Ramadan; everyone now gets to try the authentic Muslim Iftaar food.


Boulevard, the all day restaurant at The Orchid hotel, Balewadi is hosting an Iftaar Party from 23rd to 25th June 2017 and trust me, you can’t afford to miss it. The Iftaar at Orchid consists of some of the most exotic dishes from the traditional Muslim world and you’re in for a treat if you are a true connoisseur of Ramadan special cuisine.

The Orchid has now brought to us an Iftaar fit for the kings which includes a dozen kebabs (Vegetarian and non vegetarian). Murgh neza Kebab, Gosht boti kebab, Spicy Mexican fried fish, Seekh Kebab, Shahi Dal ki kachori, Paneer aur Hare Pyaaz ke Kebab and many more.

Picking out my personal favorites from the night, here’s a list that you need to try.

Haleem ka Shorba – I had no idea what this is until I tried it, quite intriguing isn’t it? A soup served in most parts of Delhi which has all the consistent spices of haleem.

Shahi Murgh Kesari – Rich chicken gravy cooked with saffron, very mild, very flavorful, very tasty!

Gosht ki Lazeez Pasliyaan – Mutton chops! A mutton rib is probably the most flavorful part of goat’s meat and why wouldn’t it be? It’s mutton and it’s love. Succulent mutton chops cooked to perfection. This ticks off all the right boxes on the Iftaar at Orchid list.

Prawn Mehrunnisa can be however included in the passable brigade but you should definitely give the Dawat-e-Chilman biryani a try.

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Desserts – Well what’s an Iftaar without some Maalpua with rabdi and the traditional saffron Phirni? Exactly! Nothing! This has been informed to the highly professional and humble chefs at Boulevard and these will be available from today. But what I loved in desserts at The Orchid were the few distinct Lebanese desserts like “Hareeseh with Alomond, Halawat al Jiben and Kunafe Nablusia”. Of course “Double ka Meetha, Moong dal ka halwa and Sheer Khurma had to be there and so they were, placed in all their rankings!


If you’ve wanted to try delicious Ramadan-special cuisine, but couldn’t find it all under one roof, The Orchid is where you should be. Spread over three nights starting from 23rd and will go on till 25th of June, they promise to serve the delicacies we’ve never heard of.


Iftaar Party @ The Orchid

Price per person – Rs 999 plus taxes
Venue – Boulevard @ The Orchid Hotel
Balewadi, Pune

The usual disclaimer applies.

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