21 Hill Street, Bavdhan – A food tasting, A good tasting.

If you follow the Pune food industry in any capacity, you have probably heard about this incredible and Greek looking restaurant called 21 Hill Street which is located away from the hustle bustle of the city at Bavdhan khurd. A tinge of blue in the evening all over awaits you. That’s how scenic the property is and trust me, whatever atmosphere you are looking for, you can find it at 21 Hill Street.

Here’s a little preview of some of the dishes I tried and you should not give a miss at 21 Hill Street.


1) Aloo ki Nazakat

2) Bhare hue Dihingre

3) Alfredo Pasta

4) Daal Peshawari

5) Daal Tadka

Non Vegetarian

1) Chicken Angara Kebab

2) Chicken Rozali kebab

3) Chicken Verdura Pizza

4) Murgh Musallam

5) Assorted Naans – Butter and Plain 3 pieces each).

It’s hard to get a good photo in Bavdhan’s trendy (and therefore dimly lit) dining establishments. You are either blinding people with your flash or conjuring up serious spy games imagery with furtive snaps. Exactly what happened with me that evening, please excuse the quality of my pictures but trust me I can vouch for the quality of some of the dishes I tried at 21 Hill Street.

So here I am doubly admiring this place for its fabulous interiors coupled with refreshing drinks and some delicious dishes.

Talking about Vegetarian food, I pretend I don’t eat it but for a change, I tried some of it at 21 Hill Street and here’s what I felt.

Aloo ki Nazaakat

I love dishes which have names that are hard to pronounce. I know it sounds ridiculous but I always had this notion that if the name sounds so exotic, the dish must have some rich history and by default, it has to taste amazing! I have been proved wrong sometimes but not with this one! Aloo ki Nazaakat is truly a divine dish! Crisp potato shells stuffed with cottage cheese, marinated with spices and baked to perfection, works decently as a vegetarian starter for this carnivore.

Bhare Hur Dhingre

Another starter, another vegetarian starter! Mushrooms this time, I am not big on mushrooms so don’t prefer saying much about it, leaving you with the picture.

Alfredo Pasta

In the world of Pasta sauces I choose Alfredo (White) over Tomato (Red) about 98 times over 100, just my personal preference so when they served me Alfredo pasta I was a happy man but alas my happiness was short lived as the pasta lacked seasoning and couldn’t wow me.

Chicken Angaara Kebab


Chicken Rozaali Kebab


So I moved on to what keeps me alive, the Chicken Angaara and Chicken Rozaali kebabs. Again to be surprised and disappointed at the same time, while the Chicken Angaara kebabs looked tempting and came on a sizzling platter with all the theatrics, they didn’t taste that grand. The Chicken Rozaali kebabs on the other hand, were juicy and were stuffed with minced meat, pretty innovative and quite delicious.

Daal Peshawari

The Pizza and the daal peshawari need some serious working on and hence are included in the passable brigade. I am sure the owner knows how to make things work; he took our constructive feedback very positively. So the next time I am there I am surely trying these two dishes.

Murgh Musallam

Talking about the mains I still remember the aftertaste of the authentic Murgh Musallam that was served at 21 Hill Street that evening. The taste still lingers and why not? It was made to perfection. A fine meal to be honest.

Murgh Musallam literally means whole chicken; it is a rich dish in which a whole chicken is marinated, stuffed with eggs, prepared with spices like saffron, cinnamon, cloves, poppy seeds, cardamom and chilli, and decorated with almonds and silver leaves. It is considered a gourmet dish in the book of Moghul cuisine Dastarkhwan-e-Awadh, where it is described as lending certain majesty to the dastarkhwan (tablecloth upon which the dishes of a meal are placed). So much for that, I really liked the Murgh Musallam served along with butter and Garlic Naans at 21 Hill Street.
Also tried the patent food I eat when I and if I eat vegetarian, the daal tadka and zeera rice, soul satisfying, that’s how I describe it, simple yet filling.

Verdict – Good service and good food! That’s what is offered at 21 Hill Street. Do try! #LazeezStories

My review is based on a food tasting invite. The usual disclaimer applies.

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