5 Restaurants in Pune to hit up for the love of mangoes before the mango season ends.

When life gives you lemons, throw it back and say, “I said i wanted a Mango!

I have been doing that for a while now and trust me I am loving it. So for the love of mangoes here’s a list for you my lovelies, a list of the 5 mango festivals that are not to be missed at any cost.

1) The Royal Alphonso Festival at Link, Sheraton Grand, Pune.


Right from the mango delight pastry to a mango milkshake and from fresh mango with cream to a Mango brûlée, you’ll get everything Mango, actually everything Alphonso at Link, Sheraton Grand. The other Royal Alphonso specials include:

Mango Cheese Cake (Rs 450/-)

Mango milkshake (Rs 300/-)

Fresh Mango Crumble with Cinnamon Custard Sauce (Rs 375/-)

Also, a Mango Tiramisu with Margarita Salsa (Rs 475/-)

The festival is about to end, but hey, we still have a few days left, so book an uber (Because it’s cloudy) and make sure to bid adieu to the king of fruits in style, where else but at Link, Sheraton Grand.

2) The Aamlicious Festival at Rajdhani Thaali


15 bowls of aamras is enough to bring any mortal down on their knees. But for bhukkads like us, that is called “just wetting our beaks”.

This April, Khandani Rajdhani celebrates a 2-month long Aamlicious Festival that celebrates the king of fruits in its most delicious forms.

Date: Till 31st May

Cost: INR 399++

Freaky foodie aka Maanas Shah writes about the King Thaali, The Aamlicious Festival Raajdhani Taali.

3) The AAM-Maze High Tea at “Eatery – 4 Points by Sheraton”


‘An Ode to the Aam-aze Festival’

Mangoes during the day, Mango at night

Dice it on a cake or drink it by the light!

Some Savory, Mostly Sweet

It’s a labyrinth of Mango Feasts.

If you fancy some variety,

How about a tete a tete over High Tea? 

Adding to the Mango Buzz in the city, here’s presenting some ‘AAM-azing’ news. Four Points by Sheraton is hosting a month long Aamaze festival which is a whole hearted dedication to the king of fruits. Hosted in a High Tea set up, you have a multitude of options ranging from coolers, tea- cakes, tarts, cookies, canapes, assorted salads and yes some Sushis! 

Also, why wait for weekends? 

The Eatery at Four Points by Sheraton also has an exclusively crafted menu for all days of the week which again is Mangolicious and available on an a-la-carte basis.

The Aam-aze High-Tea Festival is hosted at the Family Lounge section from 3 pm to 6 pm exclusively on weekends, giving you and your family some quality time and an excuse to gorge on your favorites.

Price: 450 + Taxes

Lobsterpastalady aka Aliya’s views on the AAM-Maze at Four Points by Shertaon

4) The Orchid Mango Trail at Boulevard, The Orchid Hotel, Balweadi


One of the few things that make our lives endurable during the scorching summer is our love for Mangoes. Dubbed ‘the king of fruits, this juicy fruit drives us ‘mango people’ crazy with its sweet taste. The people at Orchid Hotel have gone all out and created a full-fledged mango festival. The Orchid Mango Trail, Pune’s first Mango Gourmet Festival, boasts 25 different varieties of mangoes, over a span of ten days.

Foodiepreneur aka Surya Sharma’s take on the mammoth Mango Trail at The Orchid

Date: Till 28th May 2017

Price: 1050 ++

5) Mango Mania at Farzi Café


Photo courtesy: Suresh Hinduja

A Special curated menu for all mango lovers! Rush now, why you ask? Because it’s Farzi! One of the many farzified cocktails and mocktails in the new mango menu, there are several other dishes made using the king of fruits, now available at all Farzi Cafes in India. #innovationisthekey

So what are you waiting for? Christmas?


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