Chill & Sizzle – “The beer & Sizzler Fest” at 3 Spices, DoubleTree by Hilton.


  • Festival: ‘Beer and Sizzler Fest’
  • Where: ‘3 spices’ – Double Tree by Hilton, Chinchwad
  • Duration: 17th to 30th April
  • Meats served: HALAL, a couple of dishes contain Wines; you might want to check with the chef before ordering.
  • Pricing: Starts from Rs 400++ (Vegetarian) and 450++(Non vegetarian)

Just when we thought that the hospitality sector in our beloved city was going through a rough patch, most restaurants and hotels have tossed up their platter with different food festivals. Right from the Thai food festival at Sheraton to the Punjabi food fest at Westin, Pune city is lucky enough to be home to an eclectic array of up-and-coming food festivals.

One such food festival which kick started yesterday, the 17th of April and will be on till the 30th of this month is the “Beer and Sizzler Fest” at DoubleTree By Hilton’s multi-cuisine restaurant “3 Spices”. Fortune continues to favor me and yet again I was a part of another first, an exclusive preview of the “Beer and Sizzler Fest”

Here’s sharing a #Lazeez experience of the ongoing “Beer and Sizzler fest” at 3 Spices, DoubleTree by Hilton. Watch out for some snazzy recommendations!

shanghai fish.jpg

sticky fried rice.jpg

Shanghai Fish Sizzler

The seafood lover in me gets excited every time I am offered a perfectly cooked, steamed, fried or grilled fish. Basically fish in any form, but made to perfection! That’s the only condition I have and when they served me the shanghai fish sizzler I had only one question in mind, is it done perfectly?

The Answer – Hell yeah! The Shanghai fish sizzler was hands down the best sizzler of the night. A mix of garlic, chili and shallots with the right amount of sauce made it the awesomest signature dish of Chef Samarth. Another thing that I wanted to share with you guys was that the sizzlers served here at the fest are unlike the sizzlers we know or are used to. This particular concept where in the sizzlers are served along with a choice of assorted breads or rice which is popular in fine dines but is relatively new to most of us including me, new but exciting and worth the effort. The Shanghai Fish chicken was paired with sticky fried rice and it surely blended well. Another good thing – it costs only Rs 450/- and includes a pint of Beer!


masala naan.jpg

Malvani Mutton Sukkha Sizzler with Chili Potatoes and Gilaffi / Masala Naan

They sure know how to lure you into eating, trust me when someone offers you Malvani mutton sukkha (a coastal delicacy) you just can’t deny, neither could I!
A very interesting opening pair which was juicy and well cooked; the right amount of coconut and generous use of curry leaves made it worth its title. This I got to pair with the masala naan and trust me it was one of the best decisions of my life 😉

prawns sizzler.jpg

Sambal prawns with fried rice

Every bite had a burst of the briny flavor of the prawn which was followed by the complex flavor of the fiery sambal and ended with a citrusy note of kaffir lime. Yeah, go figure!

veg sizzler

I care about my vegetarian friends and I think it’s my responsibility to taste the vegetarian dishes, sizzlers in this case and share my experience with them too. So I tried a couple of vegetarian sizzlers which included The Spanish potato sizzler served with any of the following rolls/buns.


Masala Soft Rolls
Pesto Rolls
Turkish Chili Rolls
Zatar Rolls.

Pick any you like, I picked them all!
Potato wedges with hints of Salsa sauce, not the normal salsa you and I eat or use as a dip but a secret recipe of the authentic salsa sauce made by the humble chef Samarth.


Next in was the Tandoori Broccoli topped with walnut cream and served with Masala Naan – Yes I tried this as well and to my surprise I liked it, loved the amazing use of Walnut cream which added an extra flavor to the ever boring broccoli.


Well even the desserts served at the fest have a lot of drama and sizzle in them. We were offered two but I tried only one of them. Mirin and honey glazed fruits with ice cream and molten choco lava cake with ice cream. The former contained rice wine and my being a teetotaler gave it a miss.

choco lava.jpg

The Choco lava cake

A small chocolate cake with a warm center of hot fudge topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and then drenched in chocolate magic shell. I don’t really think I can give a better description of this gooey, chocolaty cake. Actually these are my feelings! I am sucker for everything chocolate and I truly enjoyed this delectable dessert. When Chef asked for our feedback, we discussed that a few pieces of walnut can do wonders and it has been taken care of, so when you order your Choco lava cake on a sizzling platter, expect some nuts too.

The most important part and the highlight of this fest is the pricing of the sizzlers. This star hotel has been generous enough and made us an offer we simply cannot refuse. My vegetarian friends get to choose anything on the menu of sizzlers for a mere 400 ++ while my favorite people, the meat lovers get to do the same for 450 ++. Also they’re throwing in a complimentary pint of Beer! It’s the “Beer and Sizzler fest” remember?

I’d like to thank Team DoubleTree, Chef Samarth, Mridul Khosla and Ketki (PR) for inviting me over for the special preview of the “Beer and Sizzler Fest” at 3 Spices, DoubleTree by Hilton.


  • Festival: ‘Beer and Sizzler Fest’
  • Where: ‘3 spices’ – Double Tree by Hilton, Chinchwad
  • Duration: 17th to 30th April
  • Pricing: Starts from Rs 400++ (Vegetarian) and 450++(Non vegetarian)

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

All Rights Reserved.

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