Breaking eggs at Indigo Delicatessen – The breakfast menu!


Indigo Delicatessen – Level 3 Phoenix Market City, Shop no D5, Vimannagar, Pune, 411014

Pictures clicked by – Jerlyn D’silva

I think and it’s also a proven fact that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s so much nicer to start a day early in the morning and spend some time with people you love or with a good magazine and some music. Well I have just thought about it as it never really happened with me, the reason being I am not a morning person. I have hardly had breakfasts because by the time I wake up, it’s almost the brunch hour. But there are times you feel a little crazy and try and break the stereotype, break your own rules and set out on an adventure. Yes, waking up early just to have breakfast at an all day restaurant which is known for its delicious food and an enticing menu of hot and cold brews is truly an adventure for me. Oh and by the way, here are a few breakfast facts.

Breakfast fact # 1

The average person sits down to breakfast at 7:31 am during the week and 8:28 am on the weekend – I am an odd man out!

Breakfast fact # 2

People who don’t eat breakfast have been shown to eat 40% more sweets – I so agree!

I found myself at Indigo Delicatessen, Phoenix Marketcity, Viman nagar for breakfast last week and I was highly impressed and hence thought of sharing my experience with you guys. Well before that let me tell you something about the sous chef at Indigo Deli – Mr Tushar Deshpande aka the humble Gordon Ramsay of Pune! Chef Tushar Deshpande has had an enriching experience in the world of gastronomy and culinary arts and he firmly believes in learning something new every day and has hence come up with a wholesome breakfast menu at Indigo Delicatessen.

Also, did you know if Shakespeare cooked breakfast he’d make himself a Hamlet, Eggzactly! When it comes to breakfasts and when we talk of European cuisine, especially French, you’ve got to talk Eggs!


Eggs Florentine – A classic eggs Florentine is perfect for an indulgent weekend breakfast, also brunch for that matter because it’s really filling and is a perfect combination of healthy ingredients. Made with eggs and spinach it is the ideal breakfast that one can have. I do like spinach but this was my first encounter with this old English classic and hence I will take some more time to develop a liking for this eccentric fusion.


Eggs Divinity – Yet another classic available at all outlets of Indigo Deli, The Eggs Divinity is truly divine and at Indigo Deli Pune, this dish hits the sweet spot between simplicity and sophistication. Warm, comforting and luscious with scrambled eggs layered with creamed spinach and potato Roesti (Potatoes in style of a fritter), Mornay sauce (A Mornay sauce is a Béchamel sauce with shredded or grated Gruyère cheese added) and flavored and perfumed with shaved truffles. Like I said it was Divine!


Caprese Benedict – Caprese can be more than just salad and I am obsessed with all things Caprese, Love it when a chef plays around with a dish and the result is better than expected. Roasted tomato, fresh mozzarella cheese and hollandaise sauce, need I say more?


Eggs on the beach – That name though, took me back in time when I sipped on a mocktail called “Sex on the beach” Never mind, eggs on the beach is normally poached eggs smothered with hollandaise and served with crispy bacon on crab cakes and like always did my eggs on the beach minus the bacon. Really sweet of Chef Tushar to customize it according to my needs, which also reminds me of something chef shared with us; this was when he was graduating with Le Cordon Bleu, London, He said, “If your eggs are not poached properly, they throw it to your face! No hard feelings.” Well this didn’t happen to him, but he’s learnt a lot from watching others. I really have a lot of respect for this guy, his passion, varied and in depth experience has enabled him to fortify his classical French and contemporary European cooking techniques.



Had loads of eggs by then and hence needed something sweet, that’s when Waffles and fruit pan cakes came to the rescue. Just the sight of those pretty looking pancakes turned me on, literally, now that’s something we call a Foodgasm!


Along with those I had my first encounter with the exotic Earl Grey Tea and I am going to remember it forever. It’s a tea blend flavored with the addition of oil and bergamot. It’s a must try hot beverage at Indigo.

Other beverages I tried included the single origin coffees like the Costa Rica Taraazu where the exotic notes of a rainforest find their way into this rich coffee and the Brazilian Santos which is a very smooth and mild coffee with a nutty aftertaste.


There’s this one dish I need to share with you guys which failed to impress me, mostly because this carnivore is not much into it but I am sure you guys would like it. It’s called the Couscous Upma which is a very healthy take on the upma made in Maharashtra. The Couscous upma comprises of dried fruits, nuts, and pomegranates with a dollop of peppery pineapple compote and rosemary.


Indigo Delicatessen is an all day restaurant and they serve some of the most versatile, delectable and innovative dishes in Pune, Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food at Indigo Deli is not to be missed by any chance, I can vouch for it and I am sure you will too, once you give it a shot. Starting now, go break some eggs!


Thank you so much Chef Tushar Deshpande, Saptadeep Roy and my dear Svetlana Sawant (Carpe Diem) for treating me to a fabulous breakfast.

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