The Dessert Diaries – CarryOcake by Prajakti Shet!

CarryOcake by Prajakti Shet (Home baker)

Contact – 9823085000

Facebook –

Instagram – carryocake

Address: Off Magarpatta Kharadi Bypass, Marvel Bounty next to Amanora mall. 

To the best of my knowledge, other than the basics – an electric hand mixer, a convection oven, measuring cups and spoons, one needs determination to be a home baker. Along with it the general knowledge of tips and tricks of the trade helps. Today I am talking about Prajakti Shet – a self taught baker who is also a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur.


Her venture is CarryOCake and she has put in all her efforts to put up a smile on her client’s faces. Trust me it’s not just about cakes!

Prajakti Shet’s CarryOCake is ready to cater to you on any and every occasion. She is a much loved and admired home baker who believes in the power of good. When I spoke with her for the first time I figured that her venture CarryOCake is labour of love for Prajakti and trust me, that’s what makes me write about her, she chose to be different, and how? She makes Diet cakes too! Are the health freaks reading? So this article of mine is not just about her bakes, but also about her. She is a woman of substance. She is Prajakti Shet.

She was gracious enough to invite me to her beautiful home and have me and my friends sample a few of her decadent bakes. Here’s an insight to CarryOCake!


  • Carrot Cake – Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it would be fair enough for me to mention that I had the lightest and most enticingly moist carrot cake at Prajakti’s. A 2 layered classic cake which had just the right flavor of carrots, cream cheese and was topped with toasted nuts, I never thought I’d like a cake which has carrots, but life surprises me with every passing day. The Carrot cake by Prajakti (CarryOCake) is a must have and hence has made it to number one on my descriptive list. A 2 layered 9” cake costs around 1900/- bucks and is totally worth the price, this is the first time that I have included the price of the item because I feel, this is not just for the elite to be devoured, all of us can order and enjoy this delicacy.



  • Coconut cake – As Prajakti describes it, The coconut cake is a snowy white cake which is a real crowd puller, what I loved the most about this cake is the tang that lemon curd gave it, quite unusual, but that’s how I am, I prefer the unusual. Truly loved this one. A two layered cake costs around Rs 950/-

cheese cake

  • New York Cheese cake – I never did understand the difference between the Philadelphia and the New York Cheese cake, also I never did any research on it as I am more inclined toward the taste, I have tried both, I have loved both. The ones by CarryOcake were decadent and are highly recommended.

chiffon cake

chif 2

  • Chocolate Chiffon Cake – Trust me when I say this, the chiffon cake is notoriously tricky to make, but Prajakti nailed it with this one and it turned out to be a very fluffy, spongy, chocolaty and gooey dessert which blew my mind. It was filled with whipped cream and then covered with a layer of chocolate ganache and was garnished with chocolate truffles. Yeah, go figure!
    Priced at – 1550/- for a 2 layered 9” cake.

fudge cook

  • Also tried the Chocolate Fudge Monster Cookies and I was quite impressed by the huge size. Thick and fudgy and really huge, like a true monster but equally sinful with an intense chocolate flavor.
    Price – Rs 550/- for a pack of 5 monstrous cookies.


  • Tres Leches – I got introduced to the tres leches at Farzi café where I tried a fusion called the Rasmalai tres leches and have been a fan of the milk cake ever since and when Prajakti mentioned that she does a Tres Leches among other desserts I was really excited to try this one and trust me Prajakti didn’t disappoint at all. The cake was perfectly made with three layers. A sponge cake which is soaked in three kinds of milk (Evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream) which surely deserves a top ranking place in the dessert land. Me is in love!

There are many more delicacies that CarryOCake by Prajakti Shet offers, you might want to have a look at their Instagram and Facebook page for some awesome pictures and more info. I’d like to thank Prajakti and Vinay Shet for hosting us.


Picture Credits – Raman Adlakha 

CarryOcake by Prajakti Shet

Address: Off Magarpatta Kharadi Bypass, Marvel Bounty next to Amanora mall.

Contact – 9823085000

Facebook –

Instagram – carryocake

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