Restaurant Review – Grillicious Baner, Pune, India

Restaurant Name: Grillicious
Location: Grillicious, Baner Balewadi Rd, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045
Contact: +91-20-30189993


When it comes to menu planning, Grillicious is the one-stop spot for your next outdoor get together: They have recipes for mains, sides, drinks, desserts and more. Oh yes, recipes! Because Grillicious is one restaurant which has changed the way we see food, they not only serve good grilled food but also help you set up an amazing barbeque party. Just share your preferences and number of people and rest will be taken care by Grillicious team led by Swapna Goyal and Ajit Goel. From all the equipment to pre marinated ready to grill dishes and a Chef to assist you to do it right. That is what sets this restaurant apart from the others in town.

I happened to be a part of a tasting at Grillicious with my fellow colleagues and here’s how the afternoon unfolded.

Masala Papad Platter

The much lauded menu at restaurateur Ajit Goel’s Grillicious has been designed to cater to grill out freaks and trust me they have done a terrific job. The masala papad platter which made raves across the internet welcomed us and I was more than happy and intrigued to watch the mystery unfold. The make your own papad is a hit with kids and adults equally, with 5 types of papads and 6 different toppings that included chutneys, sev, boondi, onion salad and in house masala this surely kept us engrossed.

Tried a couple of mocktails out of which the watermelon and hazelnut caprioska was a favorite. Loved the way hazelnut hits you, the aftertaste is to die for, it surely is a must try drink at Grillicious.


We were then served the mac and cheese samosas which are relished a lot as street food these days and rightly so, the ones available at Grillicious are kid friendly, by that I mean, they’re not spicy at all and are loved by kids as mentioned by the owner. So Grillicious has a something for everyone.


The green mango paneer tikka is just the kind of food you want to dig into on a warm summer afternoon, well that’s what I felt the moment I laid my eye on it, eye because this carnivore’s other eye was on the piri piri prawns on the next table. Well the green mango paneer tikka looked beautiful but alas wasn’t flavorful enough for me to write more about it.


Then came in the party, well at least, as much as I thought, the American Smoked BBQ Wings – Charred to death I believe, they were supposedly quoted in BBQ sauce and finished with mildewy coffee, I am afraid to try them again.



Sundried Tomato Italiano Chicken Tikka – Chicken with a hint of Italian Herbs and briny flavor of sundried tomatoes was pretty decent, but I preferred the grilled Jamaican jerk chicken which was done beautifully, the chicken retains the inherent deep hue and the smoky flavor and it did taste delicious. Worth a try!


The Piri piri prawns on which I laid my eye upon ever since they were placed on the table next to mine, again failed to impress me, maybe a bad day or probably the fault in my stars, nothing and I mean nothing was falling in place that afternoon, but like they say after every sunset there’s a sunrise, luck had me!


The spicy Thai red chicken tikka came in to the rescue and trust me it was good enough to erase torturous memories of my solitary experience with the former appetizer. In house made Thai Red (Indianized version) paste with a hint of Galangal, Lemongrass and Bird Eye Chili did spice up the chicken.


Started off with the mains after some good and not so good starters and a lot of feedback, the first dish served to us was the Butter Chicken Lasagna, the moment I heard that a picture of the butter chicken lasagna I had at Zora a while ago popped up and I had the exact same expectations from the one served at Grillicious, but they took it a little too far and twisted a classic and to be honest, I was disheartened. Char grilled chicken tikkas layered with cheese and lasagna sheets is Grillicious’s Indianized take on lasagna. It definitely needs rectifications.

The Malai Paneer Nawabi and The Mushroom Afghani were the vegetarian mains made available for us and as you all know I stay away from vegetarian, I gave it a miss but my colleagues found the mushroom Afghani pretty decent and loved the Malai Paneer Nawabi which had succulent pieces of paneer cooked in creamy sauce with a dominant flavor of garlic and coconut milk.


I don’t do vegetarian but daal tadka is an exception, the kacchi daal tadka was served to us and I can actually weave a tale around it, yes it was that good. Plain cooked creamy yellow daal tempered with oil, fried spices and herbs went beautifully with zeera rice and tasted out of this world. I am definitely going back for this.


Another few dishes served which can be included in the passable brigade were the Murg kalimiri kebab pie and the kebab pulao chicken. Doable!


The meal wasn’t exactly flawless and I have mentioned this before but I’ll say it again, when it comes to desserts, there are no deserters! We did try and gorge on the sinful desserts Grillicious had to offer, they actually lured us with their vaguely sweet, gorgeous multilayered dark chocolate salted oreo pie and I immediately forgave them for the butter chicken lasagna! A layered dessert with an Oreo cookie base, topped with salted caramel and dark chocolate, garnished with oreo cookie crumble was delicious and reasonably satisfying.


Also tried the unusually luxurious Apple Pie fritters which definitely is a new take on the apple pie which is served with vanilla ice cream topped with batter fried apple sticks and sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. A hi-cal sticky sweet which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, LazeezStories recommends!

Picture Credits : Siddarth Gujar

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.

All Rights Reserved.

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