Sampoornam at Savya Rasa – A meal in itself.

Much has been said and written about the most talked about authentic South Indian restaurant in town. Does it really matter? Hell yes, It does! So I’ll write a little more about it. Careful what you ask for folks! It might be granted and an information overload, ladies and gentlemen, Thanks to Shivangi Shah of Carpe Diem and my extensive research, I have come to a conclusion that South India is a huge melting point of five states and more than a thousand traditions. And Savya Rasa is one traditional gift to Pune!

Savya Rasa is a first of its kind dining experience that celebrates the epicurean journey of South India. Created with the intent of offering its guests fine dine with exclusivity, their existence is about the re-creation of traditional cuisines and bringing them to a wider audience.

The team at Savya Rasa travelled extensively across the seven major culinary regions and spent years learning from local sources to make sure that every dish they serve is authentic. Cultural aspects and attributes have been incorporated into the dining experience to help us discover the heritage and history that has helped shape south Indian culture.

I got a chance to feast on the newly launched lunch deal, a set meal at savya rasa which comes in 3 variations namely Poornam, Bhojanam and Sampoornam. Without a doubt this carnivore went for the meaty mentions on the menu, I had my eyes set on Sampoornam and by God, I am glad I did that. Guests at Savya Rasa are welcomed to indulge in the unique effort that blends south Indian cooking with an ambience that pays homage to the glorious culture of the region.

The Chicken Sampoornam

Sampoornam – A set meal which serves 1 salad, 2 starters, 2 mains, 1 bread, 2 rice options and 1 dessert.

There are those rare instances when you encounter an eatery with a Midas touch, Savya Rasa is that place. The Sampoornam – a meal which won’t ever leave my mind and rightly so, the plate looked so pretty that I had no intention of disfiguring that beauty.

What all it had?

  • Raw Mango Kosambiri (Salad)
  • Raita (Salad)
  • Mosuranna
  • Kori Gassi (Mains)
  • Guntur Pandu Mirapakaya Kod (Starter)
  • Pallipalayam Kozhi (Starter)
  • Neer Dosa (Bread)
  • Kozhi Chatti Biryani (Mains)
  • Karupatti Halwa (Dessert)

Pallipalayam Kozhi – A dish from the river banks of Kaveri.

Pan fried pieces of chicken flavored with freshly ground masala, turmeric and finished with coconut. I started with this for a reason, it left me spell bound, and the balance of different flavors was just too perfect.

Guntur Pandu Mirapakaya Kod – Chicken

A popular dish from the home of the famed Guntur chili, by now almost all of you know that spice doesn’t sit well with me, this wasn’t just spicy but it blew my mind with its unique texture and taste. When asked the chef about the preparation, he mentioned that Chicken is marinated for 4 hours with a spicy red masala made of red chili powder, ginger and garlic. It tasted out of this world, if I am going back to Savya Rasa, which definitely I am, I am going back for this.

Kori Gassi with Neer Dosa

Kori Gassi as mentioned by our server is a Shetty household favorite. A rich and creamy chicken curry made from coconut milk flavored with garlic and curry leaves. And that goes brilliantly with a delicate crepe made with rice batter and coconut oil which is the Neer dosa.

Kozhi Chatti Biryani

Unlike the biryani we’ve all had in different states, the Kozhi chatty biryani is slow cooked with short grain rice and mind you, it tastes heavenly. Tender pieces of chicken pot roasted and flavored with nutmeg and cinnamon. The burst of different flavors is sure to send you to another dimension.


The Mosuranna is definitely a fitting end to spicy meal. Fluffy steamed rice blended with fresh yoghurt, seasoned with mustard and dry red chilies, finished with grated carrots and nuts. What else can one ask for? A Dessert!

Karupati Halwa

By the looks of it, I decided to skip the dessert but Seldom, do I see such places that make your visit a time to truly remember. Like Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, with Savya Rasa, the hits just keep on coming. I did try the Karupati Halwa and I called for a second helping. Do I say more? A melt in mouth gelatinous sweet made with reduced palm sugar syrup, cooked with a mixture of rice flavor, clarified butter and fried cashew nuts.

The Mutton Sampoornam

Such a holistic approach towards food with every minute detail taken into consideration, Savya Rasa is surely a go to place for the food connoisseurs. As to the question whether you should or shouldn’t give this place a try. I doubt that’s a question any longer!

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