Farzi Café – An Experience!

There are times when you are hit by a writer’s block and those times are the hardest for a blogger/writer/journalist/poet/novelist. I went through it at one point of time and then recovered from a two month bout with writer’s block and the first thing I thought of was my Farzification!

Farzi café is an Experience! When I did a tasting at Farzi, I got to know that there’s so much drama to food. Foam, flowers, food combined to mystify you. Mr. Zorawar Kalra, Founder & Managing Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. who still sincerely believes in the robustness that Indian food has to offer came up with Farzi Café in Pune, whilst its presence has been making waves in New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and Dubai. I experienced molecular gastronomy at its best at Farzi café, the amalgamation of futuristic Indian food along with global cuisine, something to look out for, something I can vouch for after my amazing experience.

The ambience is uber chic and this stylish gastropub has the capacity of 180 persons. The inner walls and partitions of the restaurant are movable and this allows for varied seating arrangements and their enchanting rooftop terrace is now open. 

An upscale drink and dine place Farzi café has a lot to offer and boy they had me impressed right from the start. At the beginning of the meal they served me an Amuse Bouche: a delicious blob of Mishti Doi with a smear of berry coulis. This was a very refreshing start to the meal.


My being a teetotaler is not a secret anymore and hence I ordered a non alcoholic version of a vodka infused cocktail called the Farzi OK. The Farzi O (range) K (afir) is a bubbling fresh mocktail which is citrus based and had the right amount of tang.

I also tried the Italian smooch, a brilliantly named mocktail which sadly wasn’t that brilliantly flavored, it was pretty decent but nothing beats the Farzi OK!

And as a routine I started my tasting session with a non vegetarian starter, actually one better because its Farzi Café they served me the tempura fried prawns with chili and lemon foam, it’s been a while that I had it but the taste still lingers, it’s a must try appetizer at Farzi.

Next on my table was Dal chawal arancini!
The humble dal-chawal are reinvented at Farzi, Remember I mentioned “Molecular Gastronomy” Well dal chawal arancini is one reinvention, thanks to molecular gastronomy! The arancini is stuffed with cheese, topped with rolled papad and spread on a base of Achari Mayo and Pudina Chutney. Try it out folks, you won’t regret it.

The chef sent us the Tandoori margherita Kulcha which had fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, oregano and basil and was topped with bloody mary sauce. An indianised version of the margherita Pizza, My verdict – Average!

There was one dish I was really curious about and that was the chili duck samosa as I had read raving reviews of this appetizer. Finally I laid my hands on it and didn’t quite figure out what was all the hype about. Mini Samosa’s stuffed with brazed duck in plum and hoisin sauce which was deep fried and then tossed in chili sauce. Again, Average!

Next I tried the Mini Raj Kachori followed by Patthar ke kebab. The mini raj kachori was nothing but the normal kachori with a twist, a kachori stuffed with mint and saunt chutney and smashed pumpkin, topped with chutney foam and paired with crispy okra salad. A Carnivore recommends, do try!

Patthar ke kebab, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, if you’re at Farzi and you didn’t try this, you should go back. Tenderloin marinated with homemade tomato sauce, served with wasabi mayo and pickled onions.

Another impressive offering by Farzi Café was the Pine-nut Paduyaki, a rice preparation. To be honest these are rice balls served with tomato and garlic chutney but what gives it an added flavor is the gun powder, loved the burst of this flavor and to make I more dramatic, it was garnished with parmesan papad.

Once done with the appetizers the servers at Farzi Café offer you a palate cleanser called the guava sorbet and is in a shape of a lollipop. Farzi has an anti-griddle machine where these sorbets freeze in less than a minute, so much for technology. 

Paav Bhaji
Focacia bread
Mutton Iraichi Pepper Fry

Moving on I tried the paav bhaji with focacia bread which was a decent rendition to the paav bhaji we have, a few bites and the carnivore in me was craving for mutton and then the mutton irachi pepper fry happened. Sheer love! Boneless mutton cooked in onion gravy with a hint of coconut and black pepper and was served with a malabari parantha! I so want to go back for this! 

 The Chicken Tikka Masala or the CTM as they call it, is the National dish of Great Britain and was rightfully served in the “Telephone Booth” with the Cornish Khurchan Naan representing the best of both cultures.

This was the first time in my blogging career that I was filled to the gills and had no more space for desserts and so I thought of skipping the desserts, I know, stupid thought, right? Well, it was just a thought!

Ras malai tres leches
Parle G cheese cake

I called for the Parle G Cheese cake and the Oh so delicious Ras Malai Tres leches. There wasn’t a single moment where I thought I should parcel these desserts right after the first bite, so as my mom could taste them. I was at loss of words, my gestures did all the talking and I saw the humble chef smiled back at me. Gajar halwa stuffed between thick and creamy Rasmalai on a bed of Rabri. A concoction of three different preparations is what Ras malai tres leches was. The Parle G cheese cake was okay-ish as for the hype that kept doing the rounds on social media. 

Candy floss filled with delicate fragrant bits of masala paan was the Farzi Paan Gujiya. That’s how they serve you a mouth freshener. This is just a testimony to the efforts that they put in to ensure you are totally mesmerized from the experience that Farzi is.

I would like to thank Mr Bharat Sharma for inviting me and also for being patient while I was recovering from a bout with writer’s block, Chef Durgesh for his recommendations and Ashish for being and such a sport and a wonderful host for a memorable evening.

Picture Credits: Siddharth Gujar

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.


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