MOJO Pizza – Double or Nothing!

Pizza on earth; Goodwill to all! I call pizza the magic little disk that makes things happen! Trust me there is a world of cheesy, saucy goodness out there and what better than a lazy Tuesday afternoon to order a medium pizza with mozzarella, chicken tikka and olives from none other than MOJO Pizza!

The guys behind MOJO Pizza are just like us, and what we all love about Pizzas are the utterly delicious toppings and unlike the other pizza joints MOJO Pizzas come with generous amount of toppings!

Here’s what I ordered
1) Chicken Full Smash
2) Mediterranean Chicken
3) Good Earth (Vegetarian)

What I liked about them is that they offer only one size – a 10 inch medium pizza, and No! It’s not some dastardly plot to rid the world of choice, in fact it’s more of a belief in putting all their energy into crafting one thing the best way they possibly can.

Here’s how we (Mom, sister and cousins) felt after trying these cheesy and delicious pizzas.

Chicken Full Smash Pizza – [Rs 530/-]
I have been praising the pie ever since I had it first as a little kid but what I did yesterday was truly a therapy, a pizza therapy! Chicken tikka, roast chicken, chicken kebab, red paprika, black olives, capsicum, onions, Boy what a sight and truly a delight, Perfect example of true labour of love, made from a fresh base with added herbs with a blend of pure mozzarella and cheddar cheese.


Mediterranean Chicken – [Rs 440/-]
Skip the same old Dominos and go for a zesty chicken, Mediterranean chicken pizza instead. Topped with peppers, roast chicken, onion, mushrooms and black olives. This is one pizza I liked but my little cousins didn’t! 


Good Earth (Vegetarian) – [Rs 310/-]
Well yes, I have been trying a lot of vegetarian stuff these days, thought of experimenting with pizzas too. This one tasted just fine, maybe the carnivore in me won’t let me admit but yes, it tasted fine. Generous amount of toppings which included black olives, spicy jalapeños, baby corn, onions make up for a pretty looking pizza! 


Choco Lava Cake (Dessert) – [Rs 60/-]
An out of this world comfort dessert which needs no review, actually more so, because my 3 year old niece finished it in no time! Which definitely means it tasted brilliant. I’ll have to order more of it next time!

Craving a pizza can’t be taken lightly, it demands immediate indulgence and I actually got piping hot pizzas packed perfectly with all the sides, ketchup, spoons and tissues at my doorstep. 

The meats used are HALAL and I would definitely recommend ordering from MOJO Pizza! Super easy ordering, super quick delivery and a super awesome experience!

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