Burger Fest at Cafe Toons, MG Road, Camp

Do you often find yourself asking, “Where should I go eat a lip smacking burger in town? Believe it or not, I did too until the good friend that Jheel Khera is, dropped an email and asked me to grace the Burger fest at Café Toons, MG Road, Camp. Yes, another tasting event and this was all about some legendary Burgers and of course good times!

All the Burger lovers, Say AYE!
So what’s in store at this Burger fest? Whole lot of burgers! All the burgers served are named after a rock track since this place is known for playing all the popular classic rock numbers. So if you are a burger fan who also happens to enjoy a drink, this is the right place to head to!

The Burger fest included 5 Vegetarian and 7 non vegetarian burgers which also remind me of a Burger that kept making jokes – I tell you, he was on a ROLL!
As I am a teetotaler they served me and my buddies some of the most refreshing mocktails like Blue Lagoon and Lychee Sunrise.

It was then time for some delightful, delicious, meaty, flavorful, giant, greasy, zesty BURGERS!

The first and a personal favorite on my table was The Thriller aka The 3 Pepper Chicken Burger with fiery hot, green, black and red pepper, grilled chicken served with Chive sauce, hot and sweet onions. I can swear by it, a burst of pepper with oozy melted cheese. This was everything you can ask for in the beginning.#LazeezStories approved!

Next in was another burger called Hotel California.
This was a Miso glazed Fish Burger which came with a pungent Wasabi mayo sauce. I had a bite and decided to give it a miss right after noticing the Wasabi effects on the fellow bloggers, Trust me you may want to try it and then brag about how you braced the Mean Wasabi sauce. Yes, It’s that Mean! Go see for yourself, also make a video of it.

A friend of mine ordered The Ace of Spades! Sounds Legit right? Hell yeah it was, that’s what he said. It had drunken chicken with cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese, served with a shot of JD BBQ sauce and Buttered Veggies.

We then tried Cee tee. A regular on the menu and something I can go gaga about! Boy it was huge with chicken steak, cheese and fried egg over the top served with chipotle mayo and slaw. A meal in itself! Best part? It’s priced at Rs 200/- only! That’s some value for money. Look I’m embarrassed to admit this but you know I don’t keep anything from you guys, I knife and forked it. I had to! There was no possible way to eat it without making a giant mess all over my shirt.

By this time we were full and still had a few burgers to try that’s when the sliders came in to the rescue. The Sliders are miniature burgers where you get to choose any 3 burgers in their miniaturized form. I chose all 3 differently. So I got to taste Chicken, fish and lamb at the same time.

The Bohemian Rhapsody (Sloppy Joe’s) is an absolute old time classic. Ground lamb combined with Caramelized onions served with southern sauce and pickled onions. By the way do you know why do Burgers laugh when you surround them with pickles? Who knows – Maybe they’re PICKLISH!
The “Californication” was another miniaturized burger which was nothing but Mustard fish burger. Double crumbed river sole with sides like salsa, and a jalapeño relish. Delicious! I am going back for this one.

Among these, The Sandman deserves a special mention and why? I can weave a tale around this incredibly classy burger. Melt in mouth scrumptious pulled lamb cooked teriyaki style and is served with Asian slaw and crackers. Goodness Gracious, that’s one hell of a burger!

And then something unusual happened, somebody among us ordered a Vegetarian Burger and I was like, Really? Why? Why would someone ask for a vegetarian burger when you are surrounded by meat on all the sides? Different Palates maybe! Well, I must say these folk have a lot in store for the vegetarians as well and Paradise City which is the Corn Spinach and cheese burger is the best bet for vegetarians. Handmade corn, spinach and cheese patty marinated with Thai herbs and served with Thai mayo and a kimchi dip. A veggie Delight for sure!

Place : Cafe Toons, MG Rod, Camp, Pune 411001

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