Tipico Espanol Restaurante – Typical Spanish Restaurant!

Restaurant Name: Tipico Espanol Restaurante
Location: Gandhi Empire, Next To Vespa Showroom, Lullanagar, Kondhwa, Pune
Contact: +91 9503538729 / +91 8380857637
Tipico Espanol Restaurante – Typical Spanish Restaurant!

No matter where you live, what you eat matters. And with Spain being a gastronomically diverse country, there is something for everyone there, Yes Vegetarians, you too!
And that’s exactly what Mr Ramesh Perumal, the humble owner of Tipico Espanol Restaurante, a resident of Spain had in mind when he came up with this authentic Spanish restaurant here in Pune. Tipico Espanol Restaurante which means Typical Spanish Restaurant is the first such restaurant in Pune. I did a little checking and figured that Tipico Espanol Restaurante is the only authentic Spanish restaurant, not just in Pune, but in all of Maharashtra, and hence I was more than excited to try out the exotic Spanish cuisine which at Tipico Espanol Restaurante is prepared entirely in olive oil imported from Spain ensuring good health, taste and let me tell you it adds so much character to the cuisine.

So when Zubair Poonawala of ReachOut PR, reached out to me for a food tasting, I was humbled as he mentioned that it’s going to be the first exclusive tasting at the newly opened Tipico Espanol Restaurante and he has chosen us for the same.
Although constrained for space the interiors are beautiful, unlike any other design styles Spanish décor is vibrant and rustic which is clearly visible at Tipico Espanol Restaurante. It has a very hygienic see through kitchen wherein they have separate sections for vegetarian and non vegetarian cooking; also separate cutlery is used to serve vegetarian and non vegetarian diners. This is one thing that makes Tipico Espanol Restaurante stand apart from its counterparts.
Tipico Espanol Restaurante is house to a collection of gorgeous and refreshing mocktails which will blow your mind. They don’t have a liquor license yet but there’s no mocking these alcohol free faves that were served to me, I was lucky enough to have tried the ones shaken, stirred and made to perfection by the owner Mr Perumal himself, let me inform you he’s a man with some talent, I truly enjoyed the non alcoholic refreshments.
Mango Mint
Watermelon Mojito
Blue Lagoon
Pina colada




Before moving on to food let me acknowledge the fact that right from the tasty tapas to the superb seafood and traditional roasts, Spanish food is all about making the most of the best local produce. I actually have the audacity to mention ‘local produce’ as the owner of Tipico Espanol Restaurante sources almost everything from Spain. Now that’s a test of authenticity.


Started off my gastronomical journey at Tipico Espanol Restaurante with some Pan de Ajo (Garlic bread) and Pan de Tumaca (Tomato bread), bread sliced and spread with garlic butter and crisped in the oven, I called for a second helping as I am not too fond of tomatoes.


Tortilla Espanola – Spanish Omelette
Eggs, potatoes, onions, that’s it! And some purists even consider that adding onion is a gastronomic crime of the highest order. The Spanish omelette is so much more than the sum of its parts. The potatoes and onions are slow fried in olive oil then mixed with the beaten eggs for the flavors to mix before cooking. We can add chorizo, chicken, spinach, or whatever we have to hand to make a tasty meal out of next to nothing. That to me was Tortilla Espanola.
Gambas al Ajillo – Garlic Shrimps
An earthenware dish/pot of sizzling prawns, the tantalizing aroma hits your nostrils and you just can’t let go such a delicacy out of your sight. Fried sliced garlic and green chili in olive oil, prawns and topped with parsley. Couldn’t be simpler, couldn’t be tastier! This is one dish I am never, ever going to forget; in fact I am going back to Tipico Espanol Restaurante for this beauty.
Pallo al Ajillo – Garlic Chicken
I wanted to try this dish ever since I read about it on Jamie Oliver’s blog. James Trevor Oliver (a British celebrity chef) got my hands on this culinary masterpiece and it only goes on to prove that Spanish cuisine is not only about tapas and Paellas.
Champinones al Ajillo – Garlic Mushrooms
Yes, I tried these too and I liked it. What it had? Mushrooms with garlic and hot peppers in olive oil served in an earthen pot imported from Spain. Need I say more?
Croquetas de Verdurar
Croquetas in Spanish restaurants are served as tapas (Appetizers)
A small bread crumbed fried food roll containing, usually as main ingredients, mashed potatoes or ground meat, shellfish, fish, cheese, vegetables, and mixed with béchamel or brown sauce. We were served the ones with a vegetable filling and it didn’t go down too well with me. Well you know why!
Paella de Pollo y verduras – Chicken and vegetable Paella
In the Spain, they claim you can eat a different rice dish every day of the year, but we tried the most traditional version at Tipico Espanol Restaurante. Ingredients for paella de pollo include chicken, saffron, runner beans and butter beans. But the all-important element is the rice, ideally the bomba or calasaparra varieties grown on Spain’s east coast, which are particularly good for absorbing all the flavors. The bomba rice is similar to Arborio rice in texture but is very different taste wise. Signature dish of Spain and Chef Sushil nailed it.
I also tried Paella Vegetal at Tipico Espanol Restaurante, found it pretty decent.
Flan Con Caramelo
Caramel custard, but better! Feast for the eyes!
Coconut and Apricot Mousse
An incredibly light dairy free coconut and apricot mousse. I found it a tad bit sweet yet better than most of the so called desserts served at other restaurants.
Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.
All Rights Reserved.

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