‘Classé – A Class apart!

My love for meat has hit a level where I can actually pen down an eating guide for conscious carnivores. Being a hardcore non-vegetarian at times I wish to think my visits to vegetarian restaurants as ‘sacrifices’ made to please my herbivore friends.


I am not too pleased to check in to vegetarian restaurants, be it fine dine, fast food or take-outs. But I have always thought of a vegetarian encounter! Last week I was completely taken by surprise when Sannaya Kadam, of Carpe Diem, Pune dropped me an email asking me to try out the 10 course vegetarian meal at this new premium vegetarian fine dine restaurant called Classé – By the Cooking Culture to which I reluctantly agreed.


From the vegetarian capital of the world ‘Gujarat’, comes the first vegetarian fine dine, ‘Classé by The Cooking Culture’, serving course wise sit down meals. Aromen Group along with partners SRK ventures brings this brand to Pune after the success of two popular restaurants in Ahmadabad and one on the cards in Hyderabad offering great meals and a unique experience.

The concept behind ‘Classé by The Cooking Culture’ is to create a beautiful and memorable dining experience showcasing cuisines from across the globe. This is an urban interpretation of cultures combining Indian warmth and hospitality with a western fine dine concept, in a modern, sophisticated environment.



The décor echoes this concept with dark wood paneled walls, low lighting, scalloped lattice screens and some innovative mesh curtains which add to the classic ambience. All of these elements come together to showcase the unique dining experience of Classé by The Cooking Culture.


Diners are treated to a plated course wise meal with each course being a discovery of colors, flavors, textures and cuisines.

Classé offers a unique 7/10/15/21 course meal. I opted for the 10 course meal, Vegetarian food is Classé’s niche and here are the courses I devoured.

Course 1 – Tropical Blast

Course 2 – Cappuccino of Red Pepper & Brie

Course 3 – Vietnamese Paper Roll

Course 4 – Zameen Dost Galaouti Kebab

Course 5 – Cottage Cheese Sabayon

Course 6 – Dan Dan Noodles

Course 7 – Bhatti Da Paneer

Course 8 – Subz Miloni

Course 9 – Vegetable Pulao

Course 10 – Suterfeni Nest


A complimentary dip platter was served with three assorted dips namely hummus, salsa and baba ghanouj (a Levantine dish of cooked eggplant mixed with tahina, olive oil and various seasonings.) The pita chips were crisp and lavash bark was just perfect. Had quite a punch of pepper and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Course 1 – Tropical Blast (Mock tail)

More of a smoothie and truly a blast of fruit flavors, it’s hard to find such an entertaining mix of tropical fruit in a smoothie. What all it had? Pink guava juice, berries syrup and ice cream. Go figure!



Course 2 – Cappuccino of Red pepper and Brie (Soup)

The culinary adventures of Classé continue, an easy, approachable but impressive soupy delight is what cappuccino of red pepper and Brie was. A proper use of bell pepper, potato, gherkins, olives, shredded cheese along with sour cream and salsa. 


Course 3 – Vietnamese paper roll

A julienne of oriental vegetables rolled in rice paper sheets accompanied with homemade sweet chili dip. This was served in shot glass and tasted just fine.


Course 4 – Zameen dost Galauti Kebab

What an amazing name for a vegetarian dish. Golden brown perfectly crisp outer layer followed by a decently spiced mashed yam and vegetables mixture inside with a little lump of cheese right in the core. Loved the presentation, and for a change I liked a vegetable kebab.



Course 5 – Cottage cheese sabayon

Never thought a sabayon can be made this way as well. As far as I knew sabayon is a French name for a mousse like Italian dessert, but here at Classé we were served a frothy unsweetened sauce. After checking with the chef I got to know that it was cottage cheese cooked in tomato concasse with base of herbs and bell pepper rice. I didn’t quite enjoy this one as it contradicted my version of a sabayon.

We were then given a palate cleanser; a palate cleanser is generally a neutral flavored element in food that enables to clear the palate from one flavor to another.



Course 6 – Dan Dan Noodles

I am not really a fan of the stretched unleavened dough which somehow reminds me of my lead intake in the last decade (Pun intended) but for some reason (probably the same old reason) I gave it a shot and believe me Dan Dan Noodles turned out to be the highlight of the evening. The noodles were served along with a coconut based curry and it tasted just brilliant. You’ve got to try it to believe me. A LazeezStories recommended dish!



Course 7 & Course 8 – Bhatti da paneer and Subz Miloni

Course 7 and 8 were served together wherein cottage cheese (paneer) stuffed with chefs signature filling was cooked in velvet onion gravy, Good stuff. What I really liked was the Subz miloni, Fresh vegetables cooked in thick spinach curry. A true classic, the taste still lingers. A carnivore saying that is much more than a recommendation!


Course 9 – Vegetable Pulao

Well full points for at least putting it as Vegetable Pulao and not vegetable Biryani. It was served with dal muradabadi and that’s probably the best dal I’ve had in a long time. It was mildly flavored and truly authentic. 



Course 10 – Suterfeni Nest (Dessert)

Sweetened shredded vermicelli topped with homemade ice cream, condensed milk and rose flavored chikki. What an unusual combination, unusual but delicious! It was scented, sweet, rich and soggy all at once, just loved the various flavors.

The 10 Course meal is priced decently at Rs 899/- plus taxes and I believe it’s totally worth it. Once again a shout out to Carpe Diem and team Classé for hosting us!

Disclaimer : The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event. This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it bee lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however i have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet.


All Rights Reserved.


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