Restaurant Review – Spring Onion, Kalyaninagar, Pune!


I was once asked by a friend, “What’s your favorite past time?” I answered, “Eating food” and then he goes, “What if you are not eating? To which I replied, “Writing about food”
I couldn’t resist penning down my wonderful gastronomic experience today at the newly launched Pan-Asian restaurant called Spring Onion.


Again, a quaint little oriental joint located at Kalyaninagar. This clean and hygienic place is well lit and has a cozy ambiance.

I’ve always heard and also experienced that newly setup restaurants have teething problems, I guran-damn-tee you, this place had none! Another thing I hear is that every place has its hits and misses, this one had all the hits, and they actually hit the right chord.



We had quite a spread today, started off with some delectable and aromatic spring onion special soup which had the base of chili oil, black pepper and the right amount of spice. It had assorted pepper which gave it a hot flavor, perfect for people with running noses!




An array of starters was presented to us and we obliged with pleasure. First on the table was Chicken Peri Peri Dry – Well Hello there! The spicy peri-peri (or piri-piri) sauce made with garlic, herbs, and lemon awakens your tongue and quickly salivates all over inside your mouth. I pretty much liked it.


Next we tried Grilled chicken black bean.
Exotic black beans tossed with grilled chicken, tender and juicy chunks of chicken, quite appealing and did taste decent.

Chicken chilly basil dry along with some vegetarian starters which I didn’t intend to try but ended up doing so and to my surprise found the bite sized Paneer burnt coriander dry chunks pretty decent and so was the Baby corn mushroom with salt and pepper.


Not many Pan-Asian restaurants I know serve sea food; Spring Onion does it, and with ease. Mustard Chili prawns, the second best I have had since Effingut. The kasundi (Mustard) was a tad overpowering but the others on the table differed. Different palates I’d say.




Jumped to the main course after skipping the vegetarian starters and tried Ming rice with chicken green pepper sauce. Ming rice I believe are the traditional mandarin fried rice. I am not really a fan of spice so I was a little skeptical to try it, I must say this proved to be an exception. Made really well with low oil and tasted brilliant when I paired it with the green pepper chicken sauce. I am going back for that for sure.




We were then offered the Teppanyaki noodles, a Japanese specialty which was served on a sizzling hot plate which I wasn’t quite excited about as I do not prefer noodles over rice. Gave it a shot and figured that the soy sauce gave it a salty punch which didn’t sit quite well with me.

Also tried some Burnt garlic rice with prawns in hot garlic gravy. Adequately cooked rice paired with some garlicky prawns, a good combination indeed. Yummy!



A meal is never complete without a Dessert!
Spring Onion was nice enough to serve us TWO!
The Honey crispy noodles with Vanilla Ice cream, also called Darsaan!


It’s a popular Chinese dessert made with fried wonton noodles. The noodles are drizzled with honey and sesame seeds and accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Good stuff.


And of course Sizzling brownie with vanilla ice cream.
Almost all of us are aware of this beauty, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The service was impeccable and never the ever smiling servers gave us a chance to complain. Hats off to the amazing hospitality! Oh and the USP of this place is that they DO NOT add MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) a flavor enhancer which brings out the savory taste and is also quite harmful. And their motto is “No Ajji No Motto”
As always a shout out to Aniruddha for getting all of us together, for such brilliant food and for awesome friends!


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