The Magical thing eating chocolates does to your Brain!


A research done in the late 90’s stated that people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to perform better cognitively.

I believe that’s what inspired Jheel Khera, the Chocolate Queen and she tentatively ventured the opinion of getting into Chocolate making and hence started Jheel’s In Good Taste.



A One stop shop that offers decadent chocolates, Be it Flavored, Assorted, dark, milk, sugar free, liqueur, basically customized. You specify and she does it the way you like them and with perfection. The one thing that’s taken her this far is dedication.

Spongy cakes and of course beautifully layered cake jars are some more of her offerings.



About Jheel – A Chocolatier, Baker and a Food connoisseur who believes in the power of good and offers nothing but the best to her patrons.


I am one such happy patron who is in love with her perfectly layered, flavorful and spongy cake jars. I’ve tried a couple of them including the Mixed Fruit and Cookie Crumble Mousse Jar Cake.

A glorious union of Cake and Jar, pretty looking and oh so delicious. 


And I personally am I fan of her bittersweet dark chocolates which by the way are an awesome gifting package.



And as the festive season is around the corner Jheel is now taking orders for these customized goodies. Trust me, be it a teething kid or a reputable adult, the mouth of every individual will water at the sight of her customized chocolates.

You can contact her on 9175108666 

Picture credits : Sarah Sever, Jheel Khera and Saquib Saeed Qureshi

Leaving you with a few pictures, Feast on ‘em!

One Comment Add yours

  1. JHEEL says:

    Beautifully written! Sums up my intentions and product perfectly.


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