SWAY Bar and Kitchen, Mundhwa Pune

Grub first, then Ethics!
That was Sway Bar and Kitchen to me!

My school mate and good friend Pratham Konde is the one behind this brilliant idea of combining culinary delights with elan and high spirits!
SWAY Bar and Kitchen is inside ABC farms and hence not too hard to locate. Reached there a little off schedule yet saw my friend eagerly waiting for me! The joy of seeing your friend after years cannot be described with a set 26 alphabets!
The first thing I noticed about the place was the beautifully lit and creatively done canopy and boy I was impressed. One thing that makes you cling to this place is the perfect ambiance, the breeze gives you a relaxing sensation and you are sure to enjoy the amazing atmosphere set in. The place has a beautiful rooftop canopy which is one of the best seating arrangements seen in town.

As the name suggests Sway Bar and Kitchen is more of a Bar with some amazing deals, discounts and offers on spirits. Open air Bar which also serves some of the best mock tails in town.
This place boasts of a huge set of Liquor, IMFL (Indian made foreign liquor) Beers and almost every type of Alcohol.
A limited and thoughtful spread of food which includes cuisines like Indian and Continental!
As mentioned earlier Sway is more of a drinking place, the variety of Spirits they offer is huge.
As I am not a drinker I began to dig for nonalcoholic drinks that do more than just quench the thirst. Luckily SWAY has an archive full of really good options. These drinks (Mocktails) are remarkably complex, thanks to the thoughtful use of spices, tart vinegar, fruit, and nuts.
Here’s what I tried
Virgin Watermelon Caprioska
With fresh watermelon, watermelon syrup, mint, lime and sugar this particular drink is by far the coolest I have tried. In the non-boozy world it can be tricky to find drinks with that cocktail-like edge of sweetness and hint of spice. This one had it all, bulk of a drink with a gentle and earthy sweetness!

Next was a drink called Amadeus which basically means Love of God and by God I agree. Concoction of apple juice, grape juice, kiwi and peach is sure to divulge one into another dimension.
Humor keeps us alive. Humor and food. Don’t forget food. And that’s when we decided to move on to food!
Vegetarian Appetizers
1)               Cheese Cigars – I hear Cigars and I go crazy! Never got to try an actual one and hence the edible cheese cigar is what caught my eye! Really delicious and beautifully crafted.
2)               Cheese Balls with BBQ Dip – Let me tell you, it is also a kid friendly snack. That being said the cheese balls served at SWAY were nice and had a lot of gooey cheese oozing out of the balls.

Non vegetarian Appetizers.
1)               Prawns Tequila – I did the Prawns minus the tequila. Chef there did absolute justice when he modified the dish with some teriyaki sauce, balsamic vinegar and honey lemon toppings. That was one hell of an Appetizer. I will go back for this one for sure. Highly recommended!
2)               Chicken Rolladian Kebab – Go ahead, try it – I bet you won’t regret!

Pasta – Tried the Creamy Pesto and it’s unlike the other creamy pastas served at other restaurants. Had some creamy sauce with basil pesto, sun dried tomato and Parmesan cheese. Heavenly convergence of cream, butter and a variety of cheese kept me asking for more.

Suggestions: This can be tried with the traditional Bechamel sauce as a base.
I was then served Vento Cipollo A’la Pizza (Veg and Chicken) – One word, DIVINE!
The only issue with it is, it’s just really hard to pronounce! BBQ sauce and caramelized onions and olives among the few ingredients. Wood fired to perfection.

SWAY also serves Fondue among other offerings!
Apart from the food and drinks, SWAY hosts various events like the “Wednesday Unplugged” where various bands perform and are sure to hush your mind.
“Ultra Social Night” every Tuesday where you can enjoy unlimited IMFL at cheap prices.

                   Here’s a big Shout out to Team SWAY!

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